7 Things You Can Do Now To Save The Environment


Talks about the importance of keeping the environment clean are endless. Although we all can identify many habits that harm our surrounding, other habits may not be as clear.

1)  Keep an eye on your electricity consumption

Sure, no one wants a huge bill, but electricity harms the environment since generators produce greenhouse gases that keep the surface of our planet warm. Therefore, any appliances that need electricity to work are harming the environment. Habits such as keeping the light on or overusing boiling kettles. It’s a fact that we cannot live without electricity. Thankfully, manufacturers created product lines that decrease electricity consumption to reduce greenhouse effects.

2)  Stop depending on recycling

Yes, recycling made us all feel better about using paper and cutting less trees. We’re afraid to tell you that also the recycling process is very harmful to our planet. It’s a great thing that you’re buying recycled products, but the recycling process use energy which costs our planet a huge price. You can look for ways to reduce your usage of paper, such as reusing paper or writing down notes on your phone rather than wasting a whole paper for one line.

3)  Buy a cloth shopping bag

Yes, we know it’s just one plastic bag, but you know that it will end up suffocating a sea creature. These bags take around 1000 years to decompose. Imagine if plastic bags were in use in the Abbasid era, they would still be somewhere in the ocean impacting the temperature of our planet? You can easily avoid that by picking up some cloth bags and use them to hold your groceries around, they look fancier anyway!

4)   Slow down!

Believe it or not, speeding consumes more fuel, and consequently produces more pollutants. Driving on speed of 80 kph consumed 25% less fuel than driving on 110 kph. Needless to say, it’s much safer to limit your speed while driving, and we just gave you one more reason to slow down. Also, it would be an awesome work out if you can take your bike to run errands.

5)  Turn off the air conditioner

Air conditioners are major pollutants for the atmosphere. Now that most of people use air conditioners to get the right temperature, it’s about time we highlight them as another killer. The reason why air conditioners harm the environment is that they release chlorofluorocarbons and hydro-chlorofluorocarbons in the air, which play a major role in increasing global warming. Instead of heating your place, you can wear some extra layers and drink a cup of tea.

6)  Cook for your friends

Yes, you read that right. First, two  or more people are more likely to finish their cooked food. Second, if each of you cooked on their own, you will both consume double the energy had you cooked larger quantities. By cooking in one place, you’re minimizing the amount of gas and electricity consumed.

7)  Know the producers of  your products

Our environment is everybody’s responsibility. As you are reading this article because you care, corporates and companies should also care and take all the measures they can to minimize global warming. Hence, it’s our role to support companies that pay extra money to adopt an environment-friendly strategy. Know more about them and support them so all companies minimize their harm to our planet.


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