The Story Behind Adams Dance Studio

  1. What is The Story Behind Adams Dance Studio?

“I lived in London for eight years. I graduated from Regents University in London with a major in Visual Communication. I used to work in Studio 68 London which is one of the biggest dancing studios there, a job that’s probably subconsciously paved the way for the idea of me starting Adam’s Studio later on; it also gave me lots of valuable experience. Then I moved back to Cairo that’s where Adams Dance Studio started 3 years ago, the first dancing studio in New Cairo.”

  1. What do you enjoy the most about your job?

“Watching daily our students learning and growing through different dance styles. Also, by building a family in the past 3 years matters the most to me. Seeing kids winning competitions like Allianz Tomorrow’s festival and Uptown Stars is the best thing ever happened to me.”

  1. How was it like starting a business that you are really passionate about?

“I started dancing when I was three, copying the dance moves of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. I was so obsessed with dancing that my mom would find me dancing in my sleep. So starting your dream job is the best thing even through challenges you face, dancing is what keeps you growing by seeing your dream come true.”

  1. How is dancing good for the health?

“There are great benefits to dancing in terms of fitness. For starters, the fact that you do different routines each class, the body does not memorize the moves, which keeps the muscles guessing, so it helps you get in shape way faster. 3 minutes of dancing is the equivalent of 3 minutes of sprinting. Also, the moves of belly dancing, hip-hop, or salsa, for example, can and will improve flexibility, tone your muscles as opposed to let’s say lifting weights.”

  1. Tell us about a couple of the most visited/attended classes at Adams Dance Studio.

“I could say definitely Hip Hop and Salsa are the most famous classes but I can see the potential of other classes growing like Ballet, contemporary and Tango. We hold monthly workshops by getting international and local choreographers for different styles and people love that.”

  1. What challenges did you face throughout your journey with Adams Studio?

“My biggest challenge was trying to find a location for my expansion and no one wants to rent the place to a dancing studio, kept fighting until I found one after 8 months. Dancing in Egypt is still not accepted but I can see it is definitely growing and becoming better than before.”

  1. What is one piece of advice you would tell people who are afraid to follow their dreams and would rather settle?

“Doing what you love will just keep you alive and going even if you will face consequences. Fight for it and you will become the happiest person alive. ‘Do what you believe in even if it’s not accepted in the culture and seeing the project growing will let you remember how you started’.”

  1. Tell us a funny story you’ve encountered in your venture.

“Are you a dancer, is it even a job?” … Someone actually asked me that.

People need to actually see it, yes, it is a job like all others that need commitment, learning and effort.

  1. Who do you aspire to be in the future and why?

“Open the second branch in Cairo and grow expansion to open in Dubai as it was my vision in my business plan. My vision to be the best-educated dancing school in Egypt and have dancing acceptable to our culture and even it could be a degree to study in universities like abroad.”


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  1. Actualyyy… adam‘s dance studio is not the first in egypt
    Get busy dance &fitness (not to mention other kinds of preforming arts) started 6 years ago unlike adams studio which started 3-4 years ago max just saying
    Check ou their facebook the dances and the editing and the overall presentation will blow your mind i‘m a student there and i couldn‘t be happier
    Facebook : get busy dance and fitness centre

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