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Carpool More, Pollute Less!

You have probably came across that term before; although Cairo is ranked as one of the most polluted and crowded capitals around the world, carpooling is still somehow foreign to our Egyptian streets. To put it in another way, people would rather use their own cars or request rides here and there, reluctant to their active contribution in polluting the city.

Carpooling, also known as ride sharing, is sharing a car with one or more passengers heading to the same destination with dividing the cost of gas between them; with that being said, carpooling isn’t only beneficial for your pocket but also the environment.

Here’s how carpooling can make our beloved Cairo eco-friendly:

– Breathe Fresh Air:

Cairo is popular with its gray sky rather than blue that the haze over Cairo is visible to the naked eyes. Due to the excessive number of cars and factories pollutants, the air pollution rate is on the rise; furthermore, the tall buildings of Cairo with its narrow streets along with the lake of rain lead to a phenomenon called “the bowl effect” which is basically bad ventilation and consequent trapping of pollutants; and while we can’t really control factories pollutants, we can help in reducing car pollution by carpooling; by carpooling at least twice a week, you will reduce the toxic gases in the air, providing a better air to breathe.

Less Noise Pollution:

It might be believed that noise pollution isn’t equally important as air pollution; although this might be true, noise pollution has reached alarming levels, making life in the capital like spending an all-day in a factory.

Even though noise pollution has no direct effect on the environment, reaching alarming levels lead to health problems; carpooling reduces car honks and noises in the streets that are considered that main reason of noise pollution.

-Better Environmental Atmosphere:

Significantly, Fumes emitted by cars are the second leading factor contributing to the increase in greenhouse gases. A greenhouse gas is a gas in an atmosphere that absorbs and emits radiant energy within the thermal infrared range, high levels of greenhouses gas will lead to serious harm to the livelihood of people worldwide in the future. A simple act as carpooling can’t only contribute to a better atmosphere, but can save the environment as well.

-Saving a Non-Renewable Source of Energy:

Another key thing to mention, less driving means less gas; carpooling doesn’t just help with your gas budget, it also saves a non-renewable source of energy in a way or another.

As you can see, an act as easy and simple as carpooling can have a great impact on our finance, daily lives and environment.

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