How Music Can Contribute to Your General Health?


We all have been through the feeling of listening to music when down or depressed to make us feel better, I know I did! And What about times when a specific melody comes out of a restaurant you’re passing by accidentally, awaken a very old buried memory!

Nevertheless, music is not only for enjoying your time or dancing on Lady Gaga’s song beats, but also it contributes massively to your mental wellness.

Let’s see what music does to your brain, your memory and how it affects your mood

Don’t listen only, but play an instrument!

Have you noticed that people who play an instrument are sharp in thinking and have the strong ability to remembering things? Science says it’s true.

People who play an instrument are using more than one sense at once. Say, you strum the guitar, or the drum, your brain runs many functions at the same time, as you’re using your hands or your 10 fingers each strum the right string to create the right tone, you’re focusing on the musical notes at the same time, focusing on listening to what you’re playing and if you’re drumming, then using your feet all at once!

This helps the brain to detect details easily, and remember small little passing things. In brief, playing an instrument is complex, and the brain will deal with other things in your life with less complexity.

My advice, If you have given up playing an instrument, sing with people, as chanting with people reduces the stress and anxiety levels in your brain, and certainly makes you happier and more relieved.

How does music help your memory?
How is it possible to remember something you thought you had forgotten long time ago, -just like passing by the above-mentioned restaurant- and suddenly you are living the same exact moment that you lived 10 years ago?

Scientists say that the part that processes music in your brain, is right next to your archive [Your memory], and this part of the brain responses perfectly with the rhythms and sync it with anything in the memory related to it. It’s a very unique way to remembering things. Therefore, music assist those who have memory loss, or don’t have quite a good memory.

What about physically?
On the other hand, “Research is showing music has a variety of health benefits. For example, a recent study in Austria found that listening to music can help patients with chronic back pain” A study was published in the

It was proven, that listening the right music during your workout, will help effectively in having an active and productive 1 hour at the Gym, or 2 hours walk.

It’s important to point out that listening to the right music will help you do better in just about everything. For example, you are stressed out preparing for your upcoming wedding day, listen to Chopin!



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