The Story Behind Glow


  1. What is the Story Behind Glow? What inspired you to open this business?

“I was a stay at home mom. I had reached this age where my kids were starting to get more independent and I wanted to boost my health and get back to work. I stumbled upon a detox program and I tried it out myself because I had some issues… I was always tired and exhausted. I was constantly getting infections in different parts of my body… I would always be sleepy…signs that I know that meant that my body was over intoxicated. I did the detox and I felt so much better so I decided to dive more into the subject and studied nutrition at the Institute of Integrated Nutrition In New York and became then a Health Coach.

As I became a Health Coach, I always kept using smoothies as a tool to boost my clients’ health and/or help them lose weight. My client used to love my smoothies as I would teach them how to make them at home yet they would always come back asking me to prepare the smoothies and send them over? It gradually started from there… I brought mason jars, prepared smoothies for my clients at home and sent them over with my driver; the more the demand, the more drivers I got and smoothies I made. One day, it took off from there.

I decided to partner up with my friend and we together developed a logo and customized jars before another friend who had experience in operating a kitchen jumped in.

What inspired us to actually establish Glow is our firm belief that smoothies are just an incredible tool to use to improve your health, boost your lifestyle and just get you on the right path. You can go a day with just smoothies and you won’t even feel hunger. You won’t get headaches especially if you’re not used to caffeine and you’re not addicted to something in particular sailing through your day smoothly.

And whenever you feel you gained a couple of kilos that you want to lose, it’s the best way- so easy!

It’s a nutrient-pack drink that gives you all the nutrients you need in a meal and more. It boosts you with healthy fats and seeds nuts. A smoothie should have all elements of fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and seeds. When you make a smoothie that you need, it just amazing how good you feel!”

  1. What is special about Glow smoothies and what is your signature smoothie?

“What is special about Glow is that we really take good care of the quality of our ingredients and we choose them carefully. We use raw honey instead of any sweeteners. Our Egyptian raw honey is from a very special farm, the owner of which we know personally, and he does not heat his honey, a matter that preserves all the nutrients in the honey. We also use hydroponic leafy greens – greens that were grown without soil, using nutrient solutions in a water solvent- and we try as much as possible to get our fruits from the cleanest source possible at all times depending on the season of course.

We also get the most amazing mangoes that taste so good! We feel so blessed that we are in Egypt because we have the best mangoes! We also get our berries frozen from abroad…. so, we have like blueberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, cranberries as well as the best organic medjool dates.

What makes us also special is that our smoothies are tasty! Usually when you try to make a healthy smoothie with all these ingredients, most of the time they end up not tasting all that good. As for ours, we keep on trying so we make them tasty… Some are tastier than others…I would say our biggest hits are Berrified, Tropical Green and Confused Strawberry. We also have the Choco Loco, my personal favorite, it’s very bitter (some people don’t like it but I love it) it’s very chocolaty and bitter (dark chocolate). We also have the Mango Tango which is basically mango with spices like turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, extremely delicious and really beneficial for your health. “

  1. Why is adding smoothies to our diets a good idea?

“A great tool to have when you are on the run and you need something fulfilling and nutritious to give you energy. Not junk, will not make you gain weight and it actually feeds your cells! When you feed your cell with all the nutrients it needs, you neither feel cravings nor gain weight. That’s the whole idea behind smoothies… is to boost your health without gaining weight.”

  1. Most people are used to having their breakfast, lunch or dinner on a plate and not as a drink; based on your experience, do you find more people changing this mindset?

“Yes, definitely! People are starting to change this mindset because lots of people don’t have time to have breakfast, so a smoothie is a great alternative to breakfast and sometimes lunch and dinner too! It’s a great meal replacement, when you’re in a rush and don’t have time, you need something nutritious to feed your body and at the same time not feed it junk. So, Yes!”

  1. Tell us about your Detox programs and support groups.

“Our detox programs are designed for customers who wish to cleanse their body, give their body a break from all the toxins we are all exposed to daily, whether it’s from food or in the environment. Feed yourself with something nutritious and give yourself a boost. It is also designed for our customers who wish to lose weight not just cleanse their body.

We have 3, 5 and 7-day detox programs. You get a nice variety of smoothies and soups. We also allow people to switch around the smoothies or the soups according to preferences, allergies or other requests.

We also offer Facebook support groups, where I make myself available in person for any questions and I give daily tips and advice on how to cleanse and how to get the best out of detox such as Epsom salt uses (such baths), its benefits and the list goes on! I’m always open to start conversation and discussing any issues you may have related to health and wellness.”

  1. How can parents incorporate healthy snacks and smoothies in their kids’ meals?

“Parents need to always introduce healthy ingredients in their kid’s meals. You’ve got to keep on trying to introduce fruits and healthy alternatives into your child’s nutrition even if he/she is resistant. It is always recommended to introduce these elements early on and try to keep the processed sugars and foods away from them as much as possible so that they don’t get used to them.

Get your children used to the fruits and vegetable so that they become familiar with the nice taste of these natural ingredients. It is always a good idea to mix vegetables for example in their pasta sauce. Kids always like colors, so if you are making white sauce you can add cashew instead of flour. If you are making tomato sauce, add lots of spinach, green pepper to camouflage greens in their meals. Always substitute sugar for honey as much as you can. It is hard as kids are usually resistant to healthy foods try to make it as casual as possible just keep trying and don’t give up.”

  1. Tell us about a funny story you have encountered in your venture.

“All our stories are more of people discovering the magic of smoothies and how amazing it is to have in their daily life. The only funny story that comes to my mind is that sometimes people don’t understand what exactly we are selling and we get orders for “Kabab & Kofta” and some weird things sometimes 😀 Because our concept is so new, sometimes people get confused, I think!”

  1. Did you face any challenges while starting up this business?

“Our biggest challenge is the process of delivery and getting our orders to customers on time. We take great pride in sending our orders on time and for free to our customers. We believe that everyone deserves to have a nice healthy snack at their home the time they need it.”

  1. What do you aspire to achieve through your business?

“Our dreams for Glow is to be nationwide and even regional…maybe international one day. That is our biggest dream. Our concept is new and different as it is about making fresh smoothies and sending them out to people versus having a store or a shop. Hopefully, we will keep on expanding our product line and variety and serve as many people as possible.”

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