Triggers & Signs of Teen Depression


Well, being a parent is a lovely role to enjoy in a lifetime, but it is forever and surely comes with a package that sometimes breaks you. Although each age comes with a missing manual leading parents to puzzles and confusion; the most puzzling and burdensome one is actually teenage.

Teenage depression is actually common, and just like other mental conditions, it has to be taken seriously and treated. In this article, we will not jump into the experts’ shoes to claim a treatment for teen depression, yet you’ll learn the subtle signs that may be confused with signs of simply being a teenager. In additions, you will understand the triggers behind teen depression.

Addiction to smartphones

While you may think that this is only normal; because as adults we are kind of hooked to these little devices. If you know that your teen is facing some problems, monitor how much time they spend on their phones; this is a clear sign that they are trying to escape, and another sign that it will further worsen their isolation.

Low confidence

When a teen is depressed, they tend to feel ugly and unattractive. It’s not hard to observe whether your child is acting confident about his looks or not. Talk to him/her to further understand.


Unfortunately, many children are subject to bullying. A large number of these victims grow to become violent themselves. If you already know that you child has been bullied and starting to act violent, be assured that many unresolved issues need an expert to deal with.

Change of behavior

No, I do not mean sadness or feeling low. I actually mean change in the habits and the behavior of your teen. Being short-tempered, angry, and rebellious, are a few changes of behavior that are common amongst teens.

What triggers teen depression?

Although there is no one definite reason behind depression, there are some risk factors that raise the probability of getting it. To mention a few; genetics, hormonal change, obesity, suffering from a disability, and suffering from a chronic illness.


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