How did Cape Town beat the worst drought?


We all have heard about the natural catastrophe that hit the biggest city in South Africa, Cape Town, the city ran out of water!

We hear it and it is very difficult almost impossible to believe that in order to take a shower it must be under 90 seconds, or there is leaking taps and pipes watchers!

That was happening in Cape Town, when drought hit the biggest city, and agriculture production has stopped, people queued in lines to get drinking water and taps dried for daily usage. It was called “Day Zero”.

The city since then took extraordinary procedures and measurements to survive the drought, instructing citizens about the way to use water and save it as much as possible.

People’s awareness and response towards this major catastrophe, helped very much in pushing “Day Zero” to 2019 and maybe further.

What most people don’t know, is that we all should deal with water as if we are facing the “day zero” catastrophe someday, so that we help in preventing it from happening as many countries around the world are exposed to face it, including Egypt!

What did people of Cape Town do to fight the drought?

  1. Report any water waste, such as taps and pipes leaking.
  2. Each person was only allowed to use not more than 50 liters of drinking and daily usage of water.
  3. Reduction of the laundry washing. 
  4. People were instructed to use a maximum of a cup of water for teeth brushing.
  5. Reducing the number of toilet flushes to minimum and only done when in real necessity. 
  6. Farmers use a 60% less of water quota, than before drought.
  7. Some restaurants used disposal paper plates to serve food instead of the glass dishes, to reduce dish washing.
  8. Citizens were advised to use the dish washer -if available- instead of washing dished with tap water, as dish washer reduces the usage of water compared to the tap.

And so many other extreme measurements to survive the natural catastrophe. People responded, and some places went creative to save water.

It is worth mentioning that although “Day Zero” was pushed in Cape Town, because of the rainfall, yet, there is still hazard standing of it coming again. Global warmth is keeping the risk standing. Moreover, the reservoirs are still down and not quite in the regular capacity.

Officials are warning citizens to keep on taking the same measurements for saving water.

The “Day Zero” in Cape Town, leaves a tough message to the world regarding protecting the environment and saving water. You as an individual, your job is to try not to waste water as much as possible. Moreover, to take care of our beloved environment and spread awareness. Yes, we all enjoy a hot bath after a long exhausting day, but a good hot shower for 2 minutes will do, if you intend to lie on the couch afterwards. Think about it!


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