This is how you boost your kid’s self-esteem… or not!


I’m sure it’s not only me who have met people with low self-esteem. I have met people who suffer when taking life decisions, meeting new people and mingle, or/and suffer while making their way to career or personal success.

Why self-esteem is important?

  1. Self-esteem makes your child value him/herself.
  2. It gives your child the confidence and the courage to cope and accept whatever he/she do or go through.
  3. Self-esteem makes your child accept failure without being self-destructive.
  4. It develops your child’s sociable skills and enhances school performance.
  5. Therefore, it reflects in making your child more successful and productive in all aspects of life.

Just like how almost every aspect was shaped in your personality when you were little, babyhood and childhood is when the self-esteem seed should be planted in your child, and you as a parent, carry the responsibility alone for boosting your child’s self-esteem, or… do the opposite!

Simple tips to help in building your child’s self-esteem

Seeding self-esteem in your child requires only small gestures and simple do’s that many parents don’t pay attention to, however, it could be the cause of boosting self-esteem in your kid, or simply destroying it!

  1. Talk to and with your child all the time, as this is probably one of the most powerful and effective practices that effect children in all positive ways, let alone increasing self-esteem!
  2. Give your child the chance to make his/her own choices in certain things, such as “Would you like to have pasta for lunch or rice?” Or “Do you want to wear the red t-shirt or the blue?” these are simple choices that you as a parent allowed to give your kid the option to choose among, as it won’t harm him/her, or you. Balance should be maintained when giving your child the chance to choose, however, this is a great exercise for boosting self-esteem and creating a confident child and grown up person in the future. 
  3. Ask your child to help you in something he thinks you cannot do, pick an easy task and let your child take the lead in helping you in it.
  4. Praise your child when doing something right. Don’t exaggerate in praising your child though, as sometimes if admiration comes without necessity it would turn him/her to an arrogant child, and to an over-confident person.
  5. Be a good role model to your child and make sure you both as parents are on the same page in terms of raising your kid the same way.
  6. Mention the mistakes your child committed, but do not be harsh on him/her. Mentioning mistakes make your child learn, gain ethic and be responsible.
  7. Always remember, children see, children do. Whatever that you will try to teach your child, is going to be wasted if he sees you not doing what you are telling him to do. Do not try to create a perfect child, just try your best to let him be as good as possible.

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