Why Climbing Mountains Should Be Your Next Adventure


“Climbing mountains is a metaphor of life” – Omar Samra

It can seem daunting, tiring and dangerous, yet, there’s something about climbing mountains that infatuates you, and that infatuation can develop into a lifetime obsession! Whether you fall in love with this kind of activity or it’s just a one-time thing, climbing mountains is definitely the adventure of a lifetime

So if you’re having second thoughts on going for an extraordinary adventure, read along because you’re about to go climb you a mountain

Here’s every reasons why

Challenge your body

You won’t really know what your body is capable of till you go for through something intense! There’s no doubt that climbing a mountain is one of the most physically challenging activity you can ever go through, and you’ll be utterly surprised and proud of what your body is able to accomplish and endure! You will learn more about your body, the strength, the weakness and what your body needs; you will learn how to listen to your body and how to push it to achieve more

Experience adrenaline rush

That is a feeling you will always crave! Who doesn’t want to experience that adrenaline rush that gives you a taste of being invincible?! Yes, climbing a mountain can be scary, however, it can become one of your greatest accomplishments

Learning valuable lessons

We agree that climbing mountains is seriously a lot of work; it’s not just physically challenging, it also needs a lot of patience and persistence. You will have to be patient with your body, and you’ll have to be patient with every step you take, you can’t give up and you will learn how to fight till you reach your goal; you will experience persistence in every breath you take

Connect with mother Earth

Surrounded with nothing but nature, you will feel more connected to mother earth. With blue skies above you, green grass beneath your feet and mountains around you; you’ll get that sense of responsibility towards our planet, you would want to take care of it, keep it, and protect as much as you can. Moreover, you will be grateful for being a part of this beautiful scenery

The extraordinary view

You will witness the most enchanting and extraordinary view on the top of point! Your heart is racing and your brain will take its time to grasp how magical and unbelievable the view is! You’ll just stand there victories and trying to take it all in. So now, do you really want to miss on capturing such a view? On experiencing such a moment? You will literally be on the top of the world

Clear your mind

We are familiar with the feeling of being so caught up in life, of always having something to worry about or think of. However, going on such an adventure will clear your mind of every thought that bugs you, you will only be thinking of reaching your goal and how astonishing everything around you is. In spite of all the responsibilities and whatever is happening on your life, this adventure is all about you

Appreciate life

One of the most important lessons you learn from climbing mountains is appreciating life, you will figure out how to live in the moment and appreciate every breath you take, you will come to learn how to enjoy the little things in life. Life is an adventure of its own, enjoy every second of it

Create everlasting memories

Although this can be one of the hardest things you go through, it will be one of the greatest things you will ever done. You will never forget every feeling you experience during this journey; and that journey will become the life time adventure you tell to your family, friends, and even your grand kids. It’s an adventure you will always cherish

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