How Can Vitamin B Serve Your Beauty


There are plenty of B vitamins. Each of them serves as an essential component for your beauty. But how comprehensive are these vitamins? Well, to say the least, they got your beauty covered from head to toe. Check the following benefits of B vitamins.

Vitamin B for your hair

B vitamins are essential to metabolism food and nutrients to several parts of your body. One of these parts are your hair follicles. If you have vitamin B deficiency, you are expected to suffer from poor and thin, unhealthy, and dull hair.  While Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, and B9 are essential for the health of your hair, B7 (biotin) is essential for the texture of your hair and its strength. If your lack biotin, you are likely to suffer from hair loss.

Vitamin B for your skin

Vitamin B5 is the most essential one of the skin. It promotes healing in a timely manner. Aside from that, it indirectly makes your skin much healthier and prevents acne by breaking down oil and cholesterol. Also, Vitamin B1 is known to slow down aging.

Vitamin B for nails

Nails are pretty annoying, especially when they are weak and break easily. While they need extra care, they also need to be nourished from within. Vitamin B12 is the one for nails. Why so? Because it helps the body absorb other nutrients. So if the nails need more iron, B12 will help your body commute the iron to your nails.

So, where do you find vitamin B?

Vitamin B is present in many foods. For instance, we can get vitamin B1 from green peas, sesame seeds, and spinach. Vitamin B2 will be found in spinach, mushrooms and almonds, while vitamin B3 is found in oatmeal, mushrooms, and green peas. Vitamin B5 is found in avocados, mushrooms, and tomatoes. Walnuts, almonds, and oatmeal are high in Vitamin B7. Vitamin B9 is found in lentils and spinach, and finally, you can find the essential vitamin B12 in cheese, eggs, and shellfish.

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