Communication Mistakes to Avoid with Your Partner


Communication is the key to everything; it can seal up a million dollar deal, end up a career, or make your relationship stronger. Many relationships end as a result of pure misunderstanding and poor communication. And like anything in life, long term committed relationships needs a lot of work, and there is no doubt that communication is such an important factor for a healthy one.

So here are some communication mistakes you need to avoid with your partner:

-The Silent Treatment:

Whoever created the silent treatment methods to deal with your loved ones, didn’t grasp the idea of a healthy relationship. No matter what goes between you and your partner, don’t choose the silent treatment to deal with any issue; this method will only sabotage things up even more. As silent treatment is viewed as a punishment method, no one would like to engage in such childish behavior.


A relationship is two equal grown adults trying to work things out; there is no one who is wiser or smarter than the other, hence, acting like the mature one in the relationship will only bring out resentment. Try to refrain from any lecturing and any unwanted advices as that might lead your partner to avoid dealing with you or be completely honest with you.

-Not really listening:

Most of us have been accused of not really listening to our partners, and while this might be true, it is not very healthy for relationships. Not listening to your partner carefully gives away the impression that you neglect them on purpose, even if that’s not really the case. There is nothing neither wrong nor difficult to try and give your partner extra attention when they tell you something important to them.

-Fighting over texts:

While texting can be a great communication method specially for those who aren’t really into phone calls; however, texting can be more of a communication barrier than anything else. Sometimes, texts are misinterpreted which leads to misunderstanding, never mind that fighting over texts can send all the wrong signals; you need to be physically present with your partner when arguing about anything; as there is one important factor that texting miss, which is body language.

-Making assumptions:

It’s easier for our brains to make up their own assumptions about everything, believe in them as if they are Absolut truths and act accordingly. Well, assumptions can end relationships. Instead of listening to your own assumptions and expectations, you can simply talk to your partner about whatever is in your mind or what bothers you in general. Sometimes, following our irrational assumption seems like the right thing to do, however, it never ends up well.

-Talking over each other:

It’s understandable that you can lose yourself in an argument or a fight and talk over your partner, it’d the easy away to voice your own opinions and perspectives that you believe they are the right ones. However, talking over your partner to prove a point doesn’t usually work, it will only result in more resentment, anger and disappointment. Doing all the talking is not the solution to anything, on the contrary, it leads to worse consequences.

-Holding grudges:

There is no relationship that has no fights, struggles and challenges; and yes, with every obstacle you overcome with your partner, your relationship becomes stronger, and your bond grows unbreakable. What can be really toxic and destructive to your bond is bringing up the past and previous mistakes and fights whenever you have an argument, it is never okay to remind your partner with times they did you wrong or hurt your feelings. You can’t go on if you keep holding grudges; you got to learn to forget, forgive and move on.   

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