How to survive a long haul flight


Exploring the world is thrilling; however, long flights are not so pleasant. I mean, spending 17 hours on a flight is dreadful with babies screaming non-stop, kids running back and forth through the tight ally and with little or no room to move whatsoever.

Since there is no faster way to get on your adventures, you can’t do anything except trying to get through these long haul flights; so here are … ways to make your long flights more bearable:

Wear Comfy clothes:

That doesn’t mean travelling in your pajamas! Pick up comfy, not so tight outfit that wouldn’t bother you wearing it for hours. You can go for sweat pants and a t-shirt; it is as well preferable to ditch jeans, tights, heels, accessories and anything that can leave your body feeling unease.


We are all guilty of saving articles online to read later but we never really have the time to go through them; well, long flights are your chance to read every piece you have saved. In addition to these entertaining articles, you can grab a copy of a book you’ve always wanted to read on board. Reading isn’t just a fun way to pass time, it also gives you knowledge.


Being on a plane isn’t really a piece of cake, specially when it’s a long flight. Due to air pressure, some might suffer from a slight pain in their ears or/and headaches, and gums seem to help. So, bring a handful of your favorite gum flavors on board.

Get your sleeping gear

These long flying hours can be invested in sleep, so whether you’re hoping on the plane feeling extra sleep deprived or you’re using sleeping pills, you need to get your own sleeping gear including but not limited to a pillow, blanket, and eye mask.


We can’t neglect the fact that staying in one position for hours is tiring, unhealthy and causes your body discomfort. It is recommended that you move your muscles during the long flight, you can go for simple stretching moves and walks on the plane, it is also a nice activity to kill your boredom.

Put your headphones on:

Your headphones are your greatest armor against all these crying babies and non-stop talking babies. Music is also proven to relax and release the tension, and it will definitely entertain you for a while during your flight.

Get Some Snacks:

We know this long haul flight is not a road trip; however, you would probably want to snack on some munchies during these long hours, and though there will be food on the plane, bringing your favorite snacks on board is always a plus.

Stay dehydrated:

It’s very important to stay dehydrated, not just on planes, but all the time! Don’t forget to drink water during the trip, and have less coffee, tea and alcohol.


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