Tips to Un-spoil Your Child


It’s normal for parents to find that their children have been spoilt by them. I believe we all agree that children should not be spoilt in order for their personalities and characters to grow in a healthy manner and eventually grow into the adults they are destined to be.

Simple tips to un-spoil your child

You can always undo what has been done, especially from a younger age. Hence, here are tips that will help you un-spoil your child.

Don’t always meet their expectations

Sometimes, children are so used to taking things for granted. We are not talking necessities here, we’re talking about an attitude of a child that doesn’t take a no for an answer and makes a huge fuss when they are denied things. That’s when you have to stand firm and teach them that they do not get things done when they are loud about it.

It’s not only about teaching them the right way to get things, but also set a foundation of gratitude to what they already have. Such issues drastically change your child’s understanding of not the procedure of getting something, but also life in general.

Set an example for philanthropy and sharing

Most of kids are attached to their belongings to the extent that they are totally against sharing. Well, if you think of it, kids are always acting the way their parents are. You can change your child’s attitude and un-spoil him/her by involving them in donating things and explaining to them that things are meant to be shared with others.

Beat their laziness

Most of children grow up with a belief that things will be done at home. Think about it, it’s probably the way things have really been done since they were born. They never had to fold clothes, clean up, or feed the pets. Their chores should suit their age and abilities, and rewards them for accomplishing them from a younger age. This way, you’ll make sure they grow accustomed to the idea that this house is their responsibility too.

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