Watch out from parental favoritism!


Most of mothers do have favorites, they just hate to admit it, they probably feel guilty about favoring one child over the rest. Although most of parents do not show favoritism in their actions, yet the children feel it. Others may actually make it obvious.

Which children do parents usually favor?

First born!

A study had shown that the elder child is usually the favorite. As we all know, the first child always gets the extra care. Parents are just too excited for having him/her so they pay more attention towards them. They are over excited over their first words and first steps, first everything.

Youngest child!

Sometimes, the youngest in a large family is the parents’ favorite, but in a different sense. They get more compassion. They are more emotional about the last child. Expert say that children who are more likely to be the only children at home are more likely to be favored. So the oldest child is the only child at home before their siblings are born. The youngest is the only child at home when his elder siblings are off to college.

Kids who are similar to their parents!

Experts also suggest that parents favour children who similar to them, in term of character, personality, and values. Parents may not crash or argue with them. They barely contradict each other or fight over opposing positions or opinions.

The child with special needs!

In terms of health, mothers favor children who have an uncontrollable illness or condition, while their least favorite were the ones who had problems that were totally under their control, such as drug addiction. Remember the movie wonder? Experts think some cases of extra care towards a child with a special need is necessary, and they can work on explaining that extra care to other children.

What is the impact of parental favoritism?

You’d think that only children and kids are affected, but the impact of parental favoritism continues as they grow into adults. Not only the least favorite kids are affected, but also the favored children. Aside from grudges between siblings, favored children always feel that they are expected to become better. That pressure may cause them to simply fail.

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