Tips to go Zero-Waste


See , you are an individual consumer who lives in a society in a city. You have a responsibility towards your planet. You almost always have a choice to save the planet and reduce the effect of climate change, global warming, and the negative impact on marine life.

We got you several daily steps that will definitely make you a better contributor to the wellbeing of our planet, and perhaps help you reach a zero-waste point, when you give the world less trash.

Eliminate plastic products

When you can substitute plastic products with other biodegradable products. Order your drinks and juice without straws. If you can get a glass rather than a plastic cup, go for it. It’s such a minor change, but huge on the long run.

Get a reusable water bottle

Imagine if you purchase a plastic water bottle everytime you go out, or on a daily basis; that’s a minimum of 365 bottle a year, assuming that you only drink 1 litre a day. Imagine if only 2 million people did the same. Picture the amount of waste we’re throwing in the ocean. You get the idea. The easiest solution is to buy a bottle that can be reused. Those look better, and are actually fancier. Otherwise, go for glass bottles.

Buy reusable shopping bags

Whenever you go grocery shopping, you come back with up to 10 plastic bags. Each of these takes hundreds of years to perish. Cloth shopping bags are the new thing. Laws and bills didn’t yet pass around the world to oblige stores to use cloth or paper bags, but you can go shopping with zero-waste until such laws pass.

Sell/donate used items

Of course, they have to be in a good condition. If you already have some items that you know you will not use, just donate them to support the second-hand market. Otherwise, these items will go to waste.


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