Brain Cells: How Do They Die? How Do We Recreate Them?

Remember how many times someone repelled you from doing a habit by claiming that this something kills brain cells? It was always alerting to know of these things, given that we all believed one cannot grow brain cells back! Well… It’s time to know the truth, you can grow brain cells, and we’ll tell you how! But first, let’s display some of the habits that really kill your brain cells.

What kills brain cells?

Many things are known to kill brain cells while they really don’t. Yet, there are some habits that kill brain cells. Also, some health conditions and accidents may significantly affect your brain cells and even cause brain damage. Here’s a list of these things you may stop or avoid in order to prevent the loss of brain cells.

1)   Drug use and abuse

It’s out of question that illegal and illicit drugs lead to brain cells loss. Yet, some drugs that are commonly used to treat medical conditions also tend to affect brain cells when used improperly or abused. Amphetamines, Antipsychotics, Xanax , Valium, and medications that contain  mephedrone, methylenedioxypyrovalerone, or cathinones, might cause damage to brain cells. Talk to your doctor about the dosage of these medications and ask for healthier alternatives.

2)   Smoking

In addition to the fact the nicotine slows down the formation of new brain cells, which is the norm, tobacco products contain a compound that causes white blood cells to attack healthy brain cells. Procarcinogen changes the role of white cells getting rid of unhealthy cells and enhancing the functions of the body to a slow killer of healthy brain cells. So smoking doesn’t only cause cancer, it also leads to brain cell damage.

3)   Stress

Like every condition in the world, stress is a main cause to loss of brain cells. In a study that literally stressed rats. Rats’ bodies started producing what is equivalent to cortisol, which is closely linked to the loss of brain cells. Although our bodies cannot survive without cortisol, too much of it would just kill our brain cells, the memory specifically.

4)   Insomnia

Our brain cells need to rest as much as we do. The fun fact is that some of these neurons stay awake as long as we are. As shown by a study conducted in the University of Pennsylvania, sleeplessness is a main cause to irreversible brain damage, so you may stay up for an exam or two, but you will always need to make up for those sleepless times.

5)   Dehydration

This one is very simple to understand. Untreated severe dehydration leads to heat strokes. Heat strokes cause brain damage. Due to the fact that fluids balance the minerals in our bodies, the lack of fluids negatively affects that balance in brain cells. With the lack of these minerals and water, our brain cells will eventually shrink, deteriorate, and die.

Can you grow new brain cells? How?

Well, you’re constantly growing new brain cells. Neurogenesis is the creation and formation of new neurons (brain cells), and it is the key to understanding how information and skills are acquired and saved into our brains. So when one is asking about growing new brain cells, what they really mean is the habits that enhance and speed up the process of growing more brain cells. Well, this is what you should do!

1)   Eat purple and colored foods

Anthocyanin is a component that you can find in colored fruits and vegetables, and produces new brain cells. You may find this component in cranberries, blueberries, grapes, cherries, and aubergine.

2)   Increase your physical activity

Physical activity affects your brain through different methods. First, it releases FNDC5 protein, which stimulates brain cell growth. Second, it enhances the functionality of your brain cells by increasing blood rate and pumping more oxygen into your brain cells.

3)   Think, learn, & communicate

Keeping your brain active by learning new skills, reading, thinking, or even by just solving riddles, will stimulate neurogenesis. As your brain stays active by maintaining brain activity, your brain will keep on generating new brain cells.

4)   Relax

As stress is one of the main reasons that harm and endanger brain cells, getting rid of stress is essential to regrow brain cells. Pick something that relieves your stress and makes you calmer, that may be listening to music, meditating, or even having sex. You’re better at identifying what relaxes you the most, when you do, do it a lot!


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