The Story Behind Indulge Healthy Bakery


What is the story behind indulge ?

I’ve always had a passion for cooking/baking and at the same time have always struggled with trying to lose weight. What I dreaded most about all the diets I ever followed was the feeling of deprivation, especially when it came to desserts, as a dessert-lover, this part of the meal was always considered part of the red zone and thus not allowed, except as a cheat meal.
When I started eating healthily instead of “dieting” I had plenty of room to experiment and develop recipes that are delicious yet made out of clean all natural ingredients. After a whole year of experimenting and researching indulge was launched.

Please take us through what you offer at indulge.

We offer naturally sweetened ‘good for you’ desserts that cater to most types of diets; such as gluten free, sugar free, diary free and vegan options. We do our best to cater to our clients’ needs sometimes even customizing our products because of a certain allergy that a client may be suffering from. 

Why is your bakery “guiltlessly delicious” as per your slogan ?

Well, it’s guiltless because literally all the ingredients are ones you would feel good about eating, we use fruits, nuts, vegetables, raw honey, oats, coconut oil and other unrefined ingredients that are free of artificial ingredients and chemicals and are instead, full of nutrients to feed your body and your mind. At indulge we believe people should be able to treat themselves in a healthy way without compromising on taste and as such we provide a large array of different desserts, all of which are deliciously sweet to suit all types of clients.

How is indulge conscious about the environment ? What kind of measures do you take ?

We believe that the better care we take of our environment, the better our future will be and it’s for this reason that at Indulge we use glass jars for almost all our desserts, so we put the brownies, muffins and our truffles in glass jars to name a few. We encourage our clients to recycle the jars or return them to us, if they won’t be reused at home.
We also use paper bags, trying to minimize as much as possible our use of plastic.
Whilst our packaging ends up costing more, it eliminates huge packaging waste, which is important to the ethos of our company.


Tell us a funny story that you’ve encountered in your venture

Off the top of my head, I was at a farmers market selling my products one day and a foreign client bought something for 50 pounds but he gave me 55, I thought he got confused with the currency but it turned out he was tipping me and he insisted I keep it – it was embarrassing and funny at the same time.

What is your favourite meal/food to let yourself indulge in ?

Oh I don’t know where to start ! I’m such a foodie so the list can go on forever, I think my favourite though is the asian cuisine.

Who are indulge‘s loyal customers ? Is there a certain profile?

Our customers are mostly women from the ages of 18-60 who are either personally or as a family, following a certain diet or modifying their nutritional choices because of certain allergies that they are suffering from.

Tell us about challenges you faced and how you overcame them.

Well first off, I’m a self taught baker and unlike the traditional avenue, healthy baking has no clear rules. So I went through a heavy trial and error period to be able to understand and learn how to make our delicious signature taste good desserts.
I can’t tell you how many batches of brownies went straight to the bin! 
So I would say
No# 1 was the lack of guidance – I spent an entire year reading and researching, spent months in the kitchen experimenting, tweaking and repeating recipes until i was able to get consistent results.
No# 2 was the lack of some important ingredients in Egypt and the process of learning how to substitute them with local ingredients.
No# 3 convincing some clients that the prices of our products are higher than market alternatives, because our ingredients are natural and thus much more expensive to source than the cheap alternatives that commercial bakeries in Egypt often use.

What is your advice for anyone looking to open his private small business ?

It is very hard starting your own business from scratch, you have to believe in the project with every cell in your body, you have to be VERY sure this is what you want because you’re going to have to constantly fight for it and it’s not going to be easy.
Also you need to be aware of the market you’re stepping into, what does the market need? who is in the market already ? what will be your edge ? last but not least, always listen to your gut feeling!

What are you ambitions for indulge ?

I hope we start selling next year in more outlets and eventually in the near future open a store. But most importantly to keep developing desserts that cater to the every diet so our clients can get to indulge guiltlessly.



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