Morning Rituals for Making the Most of Every Day

We often hear breakfast is the most important meal of the day, or the importance of waking up on the right side of the bed. Yet we often neglect the importance of the early morning hours and the tone they set for the rest of our day. For most, morning is welcomed – or unwelcomed – with a lack of enthusiasm rather than waking with gratitude and an eagerness to start the day.

Maybe it’s because we’re exhausted from staying up too late the night before. Maybe it’s waking up late and then rushing to start the day. Maybe it’s the lack of direction for what makes a good morning routine. Sound familiar? Whatever the reason, this is your opportunity to break the cycle.

There seems to be a common thread with some of the world’s most successful people and it starts with a morning ritual. We’ve compiled the top tips from their teachings to help you pave the way to a more productive day.

Get More Sleep

Even before starting your day it’s important to set yourself up for success by getting a good night’s rest. Giving yourself eight solid hours will have you greeting the day with more energy and clarity, which will make for a more productive day. We push our bodies both mentally and physically all day long and our body needs this quality time to repair and prepare.

Say No To Email

A guilty habit most of us have is waking up and digitally connecting; most often checking email. While it feels like we’re getting a jump-start on our day it actually puts us in a reactive mode, which can make us anxious for the next few hours. Try replacing your digital devotion for just three days in a row and see how different it makes the start to your day feel.

Take Time To Meditate

Taking even ten minutes out of your morning to harness all the thoughts swirling around your head has many rewarding benefits. Even if meditation isn’t something you’ve tried before, give yourself ten minutes to do something meditative in nature like counting your breaths. Making time for these few moments of peaceful clarity will help you navigate the day in a much more centered state.

Cold Glass of Water

After going without water for hours while asleep, the body is extremely dehydrated upon waking. Try incorporating a cold glass of water before eating or drinking anything else. You may even skip the coffee seeing as water restores natural energy levels. With 64 ounces of good ole’ H2O being the recommended daily dose, why not start first thing?

First Fuel

Eating a good source of protein for breakfast helps to curb hunger throughout the late morning hours, especially white carbohydrate cravings such as bagels and donuts. It also helps to stabilize blood sugar, provide an early morning energy boost and jumpstart your metabolism. Adding roughage such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains and nuts to your breakfast menu also aids in digestion, makes you feel full longer, and can significantly enhance weight loss.

Morning Mindfulness

Take a few moments to visualize just a few things you hope to accomplish in this new day, in this week, and hone in on the passions you want to explore in this life. Be grateful for the life you live and manifest the life you desire. When you start your day with intention, you live your life with intention.


Some of us crave a good cardio workout while some of us consider it to be torture. The good news is movement comes in lots of forms. Keeping up a habit of starting your day at the gym allows for good oxygen and blood flow before your day is in full swing. Maybe you don’t go to the gym, but you go for a walk to the local coffee shop. Even the smallest amount of activity in the morning can release endorphins that keep your spirits up the entire day.

While there are many ways to start your day, we encourage you to explore the rituals that work best for you. As we always say, it starts with one step at a time. Maybe tomorrow you try drinking a cold glass of water before consuming anything else. Then the next day you add another ritual, and eventually you’ll find every component of your life will improve once you have the right ingredients and begin including them ritualistically.


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