The Story Behind Bar Brothers


What is the Story Behind Bar Brothers?

“Barbrothers is named after its two founders, Lazar and Dusan, originally from  Serbia who decided to introduce a new concept of training  of natural bodybuilding, consisting in using only one’s bodyweight to get to the highest level of fitness and physical empowerment one could get through bodyweight workouts.”

How is Bar Brothers different than any other fitness center or gym?

“Bar Brothers is different because of its niche concept and it requires using your bodyweight only whereas most gyms require different kind of training including weights or obstacles to empower themselves.”

In general, what is unique about the programs Bar Brothers offer and what are your signature programs?

“Our programs are very unique because within our natural bodybuilding concept, we have developed actual functional strength & conditioning for athletes that compete on high levels only through bodyweight training.”

What do u recommend people to do to fit the most out of their workouts?

“I recommend that people stay 100% focused to the task and give it all they have in every single repetition. In fact, pushing yourself mentally day after day will pay off through the process on both physical and mental levels”

How do you keep your clients motivated to choose to come to Bar Brothers every day?

“I keep my clients motivated by offering them dynamic and different kind of workouts all the time so that they don’t get bored of the routine. I can say that the key to client satisfaction is creativity in showing them how their body can perform different moves in many different ways.”

Tell us a funny story that you’ve encountered in your venture.

“Actually it’s a constant story that always keeps me laughing and that’s when people try to convince me that you can’t build muscles through bodyweight training only…”

In your opinion, what is the secret to staying “fit”?

“Consistency in training and eating habits all the way.  If you are consistent in your training no matter how intense you work you will always stay in shape alongside trying to consistently maintain a healthy diet.”

What kind of challenges did you have to face when opening up this business and how were you able to overcome them?

“I faced many challenges at first to present this kind of training to the public as people couldn’t really believe and trust the concept as they are culturally more familiar to weight lifting in order to lose weight or gain muscles”

What do you wish for Bar Brothers?

“I wish for Bar Brothers will lead the fitness industry and always stand out for the quality of the service provided.”


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