What is Wyld Grass?

WYLD GRASS is the definitive destination for those who want to build their own healthy living success story. We believe that everyone should feel empowered through food, fitness, and inspiration to pursue their best life

Can I write or contribute to the website?

We love knowing our readers are interested in supporting the mission of Wyld Grass. From time to time, we do invite guest authors and contributors to take part in spreading the mission and message of Wyld Grass. If you think this is you, let us know!

Where may I direct other questions?

If you have a question and just aren’t sure who to send it to, contact us here and someone will get back to you as soon as possible! [email protected]

Who is behind Wyld Grass?

Wyld Grass is made up of individuals who believe there is a healthier way. We pour ourselves into researching the latest studies and information available. We speak with the world’s leading health experts to provide a completely free, educational outlet where you can find articles, recipes, reviews, and encouragement. Our goal is to empower you to choose healthy every day and discover a new, clean lifestyle for you and your loved ones.

I am with the media or press - how do I get in touch?

You can contact our media relations department directly here: [email protected]

How do I become a sponsor?

If you or your company is interested in becoming a sponsor or partner of Wyld Grass, please contact us here and share your story with us! [email protected]

I have a product, project or idea I think would be perfect for your readers. How can I share it with you?

Although we usually hand-pick our favorite additions for our site and fans, we always want to discover even more of what’s on the cusp of changing the world for the better. If you have a product, project or idea you think would be ideal for our readers, drop us a note!

Why was Wyld Grass created?

The Middle East was once regarded as a medical epicenter, with ancient medical papyri documenting a wide variety of treatments using surgery, herbs and nutrition. Having some of the richest soil, the regions provided healthy, nutritious food used for both diet and medicine.

Today we are faced with so many unhealthy options. We know how easily fast food works its way into a busy schedule and getting even 30 minutes of exercise in can be a struggle. We also know the average life expectancy is on a steady decline while diabetes and obesity are on the rise. How do we get back to our roots? One habit at a time. That is where Wyld Grass comes in.